Solutions Based Consulting/Understanding Your Issues

Solutions Based Consulting/Understanding Your Issues

  • Assist client in providing holistic solutions to simplify benefit administration
  • Gain Understanding of your Organization and Business
  • Review and Benchmark Competitiveness of Current Health & Benefit Plans
  • Negotiate and Optimize Benefit Plan Pricing
  • Conduct Claims Data Analysis and Monitor Financial Performance of Plans

Industry Currents

Our success is propelled by our open architecture and transparent ideology. Our purpose, to set the industry standard and exceed client expectations, can only be accomplished by providing a culture of thoughtful collaboration and trust. We respect our clients by listening closely, paying attention to their needs, communicating regularly and returning phone calls promptly.

As the benefits industry continues to change, we believe it is imperative to remain in constant contact with industry regulators in order to provide clients with knowledge that is at the forefront of the rest of the industry. We remain dedicated to staying ahead of the curve to serve our clients with a flexible process that is adaptable to ongoing regulatory changes.

McCoy Consulting's multi-faceted capabilities allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and construct a unique plan for each and every client. Our dedication to providing impartial, customized advice is backed by in-depth research and robust due diligence. We have built our consulting knowledge and success from our extensive referral network and years of experience. Our repeatable process and access to expertise help simplify benefit administration by allowing for a seamless integration of individual benefit segments.

We are committed to going above and beyond our competition in everything we do.

Key Objectives and Critical Success Factors

Flexible Guidance through Complex Markets

  • We guide corporations municipalities, pensions and foundation clients with sophisticated strategies and time-tested advice.
  • We understand the specific requirements of each client.
  • We make tax-savvy decisions.
  • We adapt new strategies and evolve our practice to seek the best and most appropriate vehicles and managers for each client.

Independent, Open Architecture

The only people we work for are our clients.

  • Contrary to proprietary firms we have no management pressure to push in-house products and existing inventory.
  • We have the ability to source and utilize any management firms for our clients - without limitations or preapproved lists.
  • Our open architecture platform allow us to determine the most appropriate options regardless of custodian.
  • We have a flat corporate structure without redundant layers of bureaucracy.

Client Centric

  • Our founding principles are integrity, responsibility and honesty.
  • We respect our clients by listening closely, paying attention to their needs, communicating regularly and returning phone calls promptly.
  • We meet and collaborate with our clients in difficult times.